So You Think You’re the Shit huh?

Guys want to be you, and women want to date you. That’s all there is to it right? Are you one of “those” types of guys. I certainly hope not, but if you are, maybe you should here the voicemail below from the worlds biggest asshat. This guy seems to think he can talk to women however he wants and get a date with ’em, but I’m betting he rarely gets laid.

From what I can find about this story is that a girl named Olga was out with her friends in the Marina district of San Francisco where she met Dmitri. They talked for about two minutes and she gave him her card. That’s about it. It seems this isn’t fake either, according to an article at Jezebel. – Watch more free videos

2 thoughts on “So You Think You’re the Shit huh?”

  1. I heard about this one. That guy is represents all that is horrible in the male species.. Hey, where’s the new post of the disease??

  2. Yeah, that guy is a real jerk, but I hate the thought of anyone thinking he has anything to do with the male species, because I would never do anything like that. He represents more of what’s wrong with the human species.

    By the way, the disease post is coming, Michelle is still working on it.

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