The Sexiest, Raunchiest Music Videos I Could Find

When I was going through some music videos and putting together my post about my favorite electronica songs, I realized that there are lots really sexy, and very dirty music videos. Just a warning that these probably aren’t going to be safe for work.

There isn’t any nudity, but there might as well be. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the video below from Eric Prydz or the one featuring Montana Fishburne.

A very sexy one from Benny Benassi. I like his style! He actually has an uncut version of this song that does have nudity, but you’ll have to search Google for that one.

I really like this video, especially the movement of the robots. The ending is funny too.

I’m not sure I would classify this one as sexy, but this super raunchy video features Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, also known by her porn name, Chippy D. I’m actually very surprised this video hasn’t been taken down by YouTube because it definitely pushes the boundaries of what’s allowed.

This video features glamour model, Angela Taylor, posing and groping herself the entire time.

Now here is a video of probably the smartest kids ever.

This video from Studio B called “I See Girls” reminded my of a longer and better Axe commercial.

Everybody likes hot girls playing sports right?

Erykah Badu shot a video “Guerilla” style in Dallas, with only one camera guy. She walked through the Dealey Plaza while slowly stripping, eventually completely nude, for which she actually received a fine and probation for the stunt. This video is edited, but you still get the idea.

This song called Day ‘N’ Night from Kid Cudi mixed by the Crookers is about a guy trying to run a 24 hour store. It’s his last chance to prove he’s responsible enough to manage the store, but he’s got some sort of magic pen that isn’t going to make that task easy. I wish I had that pen…

You’ll probably recognize this tune because it’s been in a ton of movies. You’ll never forget this video now either. I wanna go to band camp 😉

Hot chicks smashing mailboxes with baseball bats, playing in a children’s swimming people, molesting yard statues and causing general mayhem. Nice!

Not only is this a sexy music video, but the song is hot too at about a minute in. Check out this awesome electronica remix featuring the voice of Michael Jackson and the backside of some model.

Here’s a very interesting video from Eric Prydz featuring a whole room full of hot girls doing aerobics and only one lucky guy in the room enjoying the show. If aerobics classes were like this, more men would be fit. Of course it would probably become a sausage-fest and women wouldn’t show up anymore. I had to end this post with this one. 🙂

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