Never Waste Another Soap Chip Again

I’m a regular listener of the Larry Miller podcast and one of the most popular topics on his show last year was about how he would go around the house and pick up the little leftover soap chips, which he would then weld-together with water to make a new bar of soap. I believe his record was five soap bars, but I haven’t been able to catch the show in a few months, so he might be up to more by now.

Can you imagine if Larry found out this STACK soap Kickstarter project? I think he’d flip!

It’s such a cool idea. It’s amazing that nobody thought of this a long time ago. You’ll never have to waste another soap chip again. Watch how it works in the video below.

4 thoughts on “Never Waste Another Soap Chip Again”

  1. I have been doing this for years! I am the last one to take a shower so when I am done, I place te little soap onto the big soap. By the next morning it is hard and melted together! No more wasted soap.

  2. when my- parents died my siblings and i cleaned out their house. The year was 2006. we found a box dated 1987 that was home to “chips” of soap bars…individually wrapped in aluminum foil. I still have it. Keeping it for a memory of how frugal they were.

    we also found an manilla envelope that was home to used aluminum foil they had cleaned to reuse it.

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