Get Your Twitter Feed Printed on Toilet Paper

When you’re sitting on the toilet, you’re most likely reading something, such as a magazine or you’re messing around on your phone or tablet. If you don’t have a smarthphone with Twitter capabilities, but you want to do some catching up on your feed, check out “Shitter“.

Shitter will print Tweets from your feed onto rolls of toilet paper so that you or your guests can always stay in the loop. Of course by Twitter standards, those tweets will be terribly out of date, but I think it’s still a fun idea.

You can order four rolls for $35 plus the costs of shipping and taxes and you have four choices of what you can pull from your account to be printed; your own tweets, the latest tweets the people you follow have posted, tweets you have favorited, and tweets from a Twitter list you’ve created.

I think it would be fun to buy some rolls to put out when I have guests over, but when it’s just me, I’ll read my tweets on my iPhone 😀

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