The Website of a Couch Potatoes Dreams

First on Mars is a new website that was built to be your very own personal guide to the Network TV on the web.

You can add Moods, Shows and Networks to your favorites just by clicking on a little heart icon that’s placed on your favorite shows and the save your guide and your good to go. Now the site will notify you whenever new episodes are added to First on Mars.

If you’ve ever used Hulu, this isn’t much different than adding your favorite sites to your Queue, but there is one thing that FOM does better, which is that you can be notified of shows that can only be aired on their own networks website.

For example, South Park is not licensed to be played on any website other than the site Comedy Central has created for it and Hulu will only send a reminder out if the show plays on their own website. This is one of the biggest features I feel is lacking from Hulu.

All in all, I have to say that both Hulu and First on Mars are great websites, especially since I love TV so much. Hulu has a much better user interface though and has been around longer, so they know what their visitors want.

I personally think FOM is designed horribly. Why the heck is everything squeezed into frames? I hate scrolling. There’s also no easy way to return to the home page and I can’t find a “Popular Shows” page or anything. Something else you might notice too, is that First on Mars pulls a lot of their shows directly from Hulu, so why go to the middle-man when I can go to the source.

For now I’m sticking with Hulu, but I’ll keep this one on my list since the site is brand new and still needs to work out the kinks. I’m sure it’ll get better as it grows.

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