Video Games Are Becoming Reality

How would you like to play a game of Resident Evil in the real world? Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Well Humans vs. Zombies, or HvZ, is the first step in making that a reality. You don’t get to play with real guns and there aren’t cool looking zombies lurking around, but the concept sounds like a ton of fun.

HvZ is more like a moderated version of the kids game, tag, but there is one “Original Zombie” who gets to chase after the rest of the group of “Humans.” The human players get to defend themselves from the Zombies by using balled up socks and nerf guns. If a Zombie is hit with one of these objects, they are stunned for 15 minutes and cannot move. If a zombie touches a human, they become a Zombie themselves. These zombies can run right at you though, so you better be quick. Those are the basics. If you wanna learn how to play the game head on over to the Humans Vs. Zombies website.

Check out this video of people playing the game, and some guy who obviously watches too many movies.

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